Monday, July 28, 2008

Today is the day, let us rejoice and be glad in it!

Today marks another check mark. Our dossier hit Washington D.C. at 8:58 a.m. to be authenticated.....Yeah!!!!!!!! This means then it will come back to Colorado and hopefully head to Ethiopia at the end of the week. Just one step closer to our daughter. Praise the Lord; isn't He amazing? This past Sunday at church our pastor spoke about suffering and why people get angry at God for "letting" bad things happen. It was an eye opener as to the suffering we entail in our lives, yet look at all our blessings in our lives. Things are hard, life is hard, but we live in an incredible country and have lots of opportunity to serve others. As we are embarking on the most amazing journey of our lives, I try to remember the suffering of those in Ethiopia, the mothers who are making a better life for their children by wanting more for them. I know this is a rambling of words and thoughts, but I just am hoping to inspire someone with hope, faith and love. "Wherever you go,go with all your heart." Mat and I have tried to live this motto since we became a family-I guess you could say it's our family motto!!!!
Goodnight and God Bless!

Monday, July 21, 2008

It was a beautiful day!

We are sooooo excited to say that our homestudy is 100% complete and approved and our dossier was turned in today!!!!! Unbelievable!!! Now, the next steps are: Dossier is reviewed by agency, agency sends it to Washington, DC then on to Ethiopia! Meanwhile, we will take our USCIS I600A to the local office in Denver and wait to get our fingerprinting dates!!! Next we should get our referral for our beautiful baby girl. Isn't God's grace amazing? We kept anticipating so much more work, but for us it has gone fairly smoothly. Praise the Lord. For those of you who know me, I like the control, but this is good for me....let HIM have the wheel.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Where is the time going?

It has been quite awhile since we have posted what is happening in our lives. Our homestudy is done and the dossier is getting "certified" at the Secretary of State as we speak. It will be ready tomorrow to pick up, then off to our agency. They will review it, send it to DC and then off to Ethiopia!!!!! Yeah, I can hardly believe it. The courts in Ethiopia are soon closing which will make it slow as molasses, but I just keep telling myself, "It is all in God's time." Around our homefront we are busy with the last baseball tournament this weekend and an outing to Cheyenne, Wyoming for Frontier Days and the Rascal Flatts concert. It should be lots of fun. I have started my job at the local S-------s and am enjoying it immensely. I LOVE coffee and what can be better than making it and drinking it the entire time I am working? I am still only in the training part, but still have tons of fun. I work with a great group of people who are very patient with me! Other than that, school starts in a month (UGH!!! ) and football season is quickly approaching. I don't know about anyone else out there, but the summer sure seems a lot shorter than it used to??? To all of you, enjoy what is left of summer, take time to smell those beautiful flowers and listen for God's whispers.