Monday, October 13, 2008

Time is flying by, but my heart still aches!

Wow, I cannot believe we are half way through October already! We have now been waiting for our referral for 10 weeks! I guess I always prayed somewhere deep inside that our referral would come quickly. I keep reminding myself (about 50 thousand times) each day that it is all in God's timing and He knows who our daughter is and the right time for her to come to know us. But, ugh, this is so incredibly hard! This is definitely the hardest part so far. This is a million times harder than being pregnant!!!! OK, enough whining...I am sure you are saying to yourself; "do you want some cheese with that wine?" On to other momentus daily briefings:
Football is nearing the regular season end, and both teams have had a couple of hard losses. They are doing great, although, they would both like to redeem themselves this week. Lots of prayers headed their way. Last Sunday at church was our testimonial and our reasons for adopting and what our church could do to help. They have been so gracious as to host a spaghetti dinner there on the 26th of October. We are also having a silent auction and live music by Sharla Jackson. I think it is going to be a fantastic, heart warming event. If you live here in Colorado and can make this, send me an email and I will get you tickets. ( am so excited to have Gracie meet our church; they already have so much love for her and she is not even here yet. Back in February when we first stepped foot into this church I knew we were "home." God continues to bless us with kindness. I am getting some "away" time this weekend, for our women's retreat down in Colorado Springs. I think this will really help clear my mind and recenter myself. We are so busy on a daily basis that I find myself feeling like a chicken with my head cut off! Ok, guess that is not a pretty picture. Sorry. Last week our agency said they were going to be giving out about 10 referrals very soon, but none are baby girls. At least some little, beautiful children will be one step closer to coming home to be with their families. Ok, anymore ramblings? No, guess not. All is truly well with the Trumans and we feel TRLYBLSD!!!!
From all of us to you; we send our love!