Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

I cannot believe 2008 has come and gone so quickly. We have been truly blessed with all that has happened in our lives this past year. We are so thankful for our Savior Jesus Christ, our health, our family and our friends. We do know that 2009 holds an even more precious moment: the moment Gracie will be forever in our arms. Tonight we pray for her safety, health and that of all the other orphans who are still without their families. This waiting has been very hard, but we are reminded on a daily basis to trust in Him and His timing. He has the perfect little girl for our family. With the New Year comes many New Year's "resolutions." Each year I have always tried to make "another" resolution, to lose some weight. Well, after I read my dear friend Jill's blog yesterday (She is a friend whom I have never met face to face, but have come to admire through this amazing journey) she put it perfectly into words and scriptures regarding New Year's resolutions.(Check out her blog; it will inspire and move you: I am embarassed to say I have been "one of those," but this year it is going to be different for me. Of course, I am going to continue to take care of this body God has given me for the glory of Him, but I also want to grow in my relationship with him on a daily basis. It is clearly important to draw closer to Him and lead others to Him. 2009 is going to be an incredible year.
We wish you all love, health, happiness and peace. May you find rest in Him.
Prayer for our Gracie to come home to us soon.
With love,
Mat and Stacey
Zach, Justin, Cameron and Tyler

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

It has been a very emotional season for us. We are enjoying all of God's blessings with our boys, but it has been rough waiting to hear about our daughter. We rest in knowing that this will be the LAST Christmas we will have to spend without her. There have been many changes within our adoption agency; all for the better I must say. The older 3 boys are enjoying break and driving one another crazy. We have family in town and I must say, it is really hard to know that they will soon be gone. I always realize just how hard it is living so far away from family. (Let it be known though that I still live in the "original" place-they all moved!) We are amazed by the TRUE meaning of this season. Jesus' birthday. Thank you Lord for giving us this day; your son, our savior. We are truly grateful. For all of you out there, hug your kiddos and your family. Enjoy all the moments even when they are under your skin. Remember what Christmas is about and keep that in your heart always.
God Bless you all.

Monday, December 15, 2008

We're #1! We're #1!

We received some wonderful and exciting news this weekend. We officially have moved up to the #1 spot for the baby girl list! We cannot believe it. Could it be possible that we will see our daughter's beautiful face before the holidays? Maybe, just maybe, keep praying! I have to say that this past month has flown by. I think the holidays have something to do with that. I absolutely love this time of year. I am still amazed at the thought that Jesus was born to give us new life. Isn't that amazing? More and more each day I try to wrap my arms around that concept...utter amazement. He is in control and He definitely has a plan, we are dying to know His plans for us on this incredible journey.