Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Making a list, and checking it twice

Well we made it through the funeral for my grandpa. It was much harder than I ever thought. He was 83 and lived a good life, but man, it is still so hard to say goodbye. When we arrived home, we went through our mail, and we received the best Christmas present! We received our 171-H from immigration, which is also known as the "golden ticket!" We are now totally ready to go get Tanner, therefore our Embassy date is January 27th. We will be leaving on January 22nd and returning January 30th. We are so excited and so blessed. God is good, all the time! One of the things we are still trying to prepare is finances, so if you want, we are still selling coffee through our website http://justlovecoffee.com/TheTrumans where you can order some yummy coffee. This makes great gifts no matter what time of year! Perfect for anniversary's and birthday's also. We are also trying to raise enough money to purchase playground equipment for the care center while we are there. If you would like to donate you can send a check to:
International Adoption Net
2305 E. Arapahoe Rd. #248
Centennial, CO 80112
Please put in your memo "Truman" and remember your donation is totally tax deductible. Great for the end of the year!

Thank you all again for your continued support, love and blessings.
We cannot wait for Tanner Endale to become part of Team Truman (physically)
Merry Christmas!
Mat and Stacey


pegfoley said...
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The Andersons said...

Go get him!!!! We are praying for you guys and all that your life holds right now. Can't wait to see the Truman 8!

Sharon said...

Yay! So happy your I-171H is there! We're hoping to be traveling not too far after you!

starrchasers said...

Just found your site through the IAN family blog... we're researching agencies (and also happen to live 5 minutes from the IAN office!) and would love to know of your experience. I assume you've done both with IAN?

I know it's super close to Christmas and you have other things on your mind (like oh, maybe going to get your little man!), but if you have a free moment sometime, I would love to briefly "chat" via email or the like. Thanks SO much!


michelle said...

Merry Christmas Trumans! Thank you God for the 'golden ticket', be with this family as they prepare for and travel to bring Tanner home to his family!

Chantelle said...

Update the blog already!!!! We want all details on your upcoming trip to bring Endala home!!!!
So so so excited for you guys. I hoep to chat with you before you go. We were hoping you could pass some info on to Abebe for us. I will try and email.